Who We Are

We are a company focused on making multimedia productions for nature and adventure sports, going as far and high as we need to, in order to cover stories worth telling. 

Founded in 2012 by Benjamin Soto Ferraris and Cristobal de Alba, avid outdoor enthusiasts, Zenith started as a project / tool to achieve our "dream", trying to turn a passion into a sustainable lifestyle, creating and participating in exciting projects, and becoming better persons who can contribute something to society.

In Zenith, we aim to grow more in quality than in quantity, with a commitment to maintain a familiarity and friendship among members, creating a place where everyone can fulfil their dreams.


    Cristobal is owner and founder of Zenith Adventure Media. Rock Climbing addict and music lover, he composes most of the songs used on our videos. He also designs, edit an shoots amazing photography. Definitely a very versatile guy.
    The kind of element you need for a "one man band" production.  He hates waking up early in the morning.
  • Benja
    Co-owner and founder of Zenith Adventure Media. Hyperactive and dyslexic, Benjamin finds peace and balance when he is in the mountain. He's our main photographer at Zenith and a skilled steady cam operator. Benjamin has lived in Mexico, France and India; Each one of this places has shaped his personality.
    He hates mint chocolate and maths, and make sure you're not next to him when he's stuck in traffic, because things can get ugly.