Línea Directa

August 10, 2015 · Proyectos


Alpine Group

Coverage & Promotion Image Campaign

Linea Directa is a young alpine group that is redefining the way of doing Alpinism in the Mexico. They approached us for the first time before going to their one month Ice Climbing expedition to Ouray, Colorado. They wanted to create a powerful and integrated image to reach a larger and more focused audience, increasing the opportunities when looking for expedition sponsors.








The experience was quite fun and challenging, running, hiking and ice-climbing for a hole month, during which we had to overcome many challenges to get the project done on location, from logo redesigning and animation, two video edits, hundreds of pictures taken, and social-network managing.




Since then, our relation has only become stronger, working with them in many ways, from online presentations, to post-production edits Linea Directa was a breaking point for us, an amazing group of friends who's taken our media and athletic skills up to the very limit.