Zenith is a communication and media production house focused on Nature, Outdoor & Adventure Sports.

Born as a dream-project, we stay true to our moto: “love what you do, and do what you love”.

At Zenith, we strongly value quality over quantity, always doing our best in each and every project we embark on, maintaining close contact with our team and clients, who we consider family. We’re a dynamic professional team who can adapt to your needs and vision, whether they are large campaigns or a small projects, we will always do our best to exceed expectations.

Having our roots in the outdoor world, we are closely related to nature, not only in what we do, but also in what we care for. Being proud members of 1% for the Planet, we strongly believe that good part of our efforts should also go into making a better world, giving back to our planet so that we can preserve it for future generations.



  • Creative Concept & Storytelling

    We believe the bottom line of every great media product

    lies in the concept and story to be told.

    So we invest all our creative potential to develop innovative ideas

    that can tell  an engaging and truthful story, 

    one with which the audience can appropriate and relate to,

    creating a stronger bond between the client and its customer.

  • Production

    Whether your project is on top of the highest mountain

    or deep down under, we can get there.

    Our outdoor-specialized team are not only versatile multi-skilled professionals, but also passionate outdoor athletes themselves,

    so we know what it takes to do the dirty job.

    We also know what it implies for our clients,

    that’s why we take great care in having a well-oiled production machine

    in order to make the most out of every production’s budget.

  • Postproduction

    When it comes to postproduction,we are equally perfectionists.
    We will work day and night to create a compelling story

    that matches and improves the initial concept.

    Our in-house and networking team provide a comprehensive

    top-quality postproduction process,

    from professional photo retouching & montage,

    to video editing, sound design, Music & film-scoring,

    VFX, design & animation, color grading

    and whatever is needed to deliver the best end result.





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